Predictive Analytics: An Executive Search Industry Disruptor

The challenge of handling a high-level executive search is a complex and risky one, but the recruitment industry now has a very effective tool at its disposal. Leveraging the strength of predictive analytics is a proven game-changer in this competitive arena.

Fortuity’s Approach

Fortuity’s proprietary management analytics platform brings tremendous detail and objectivity to the task, so you can be confident you have identified the ideal candidate for any given role.

Through specifically designed psychometric assessment, this powerful tool allows you to measure 24 work-related personality traits that fall into three broad categories:

  • Thinking: how a candidate thinks
  • Working: how a candidate gets things done on the job
  • Relating: how a candidate interacts with others in the work context

The platform also integrates a behavior analytics component, which assesses how these traits are likely to impact a candidate’s ability to meet key success criteria on the job. The beauty of it is that you can create a customized success model that is specific to the role you need to fill. This lets you measure candidates against your unique model—not some pre-programmed generic standard.

Predictive analytics provide valuable insight into a candidate’s potential fit with your corporate culture and help determine suitability for a leadership role. With the information gained through this technology, it is possible to quickly generate a high-quality shortlist of candidates with the skill set and personality traits you value most, and who will fit easily into your organization.

Reducing the Risk in Executive Hiring

Making a high-level hire can be stressful. Using the power of predictive analytics is a surefire way to mitigate your risk in this complex process. Finding that leader with both proven ability and high potential in a new role (link to blog #1) may be considerably easier than you think.