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Predictive analytics, experience and a customized approach – it’s what sets us apart and what will help you mitigate the risk involved when looking for your next executive acquisition.

hiring is risky business.

In today’s competitive market, the wrong hire can be devastating to a company. A great acquisition, on the other hand, can put you on track for success. By leveraging proven predictive analytics and our extensive experience in the executive search industry, Fortuity helps you mitigate risk by making an informed, strategic decision, and ensures you hire the best candidate available.

  • [...]Unlike other agencies, Fortuity was not only interested in the skills we were looking for but also the cultural fit and personality of the candidates. The candidates that were brought forward were excellent and, literally, we were spoiled for choice.

    Brian HadfieldChief Operating Officer, Therapure

our search risk analysis.
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an innovative approach.

Producing a high-quality shortlist of candidates requires an in-depth understanding of your business, the unique culture of your company, and its leadership team’s dynamics. Sourcing top talent, and then using predictive analytics technology allows us to identify only those who are optimal for the position at hand.


By using cutting-edge technology, we leverage the power and validity of predictive analytics, allowing your business to significantly reduce the risk involved when hiring external candidates.


Over 18 years of industry knowledge and experience provides us with the unique insight needed in order to understand the industry, the client and the company and make solid, informed candidate recommendations.


We understand that each client’s needs are unique. Our experienced team tailors the search process carefully, using predictive analytics technology to achieve an ideal fit between client and candidate—every time.

challenge the industry.

With over 18 years of experience, the Fortuity team has worked with public and privately traded organizations across key industries, fulfilling the roles of CEO, VP, Board of Directors, and other upper management positions.


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