a customized search process to help you achieve success.

Choosing the right candidate can be difficult, but it’s the key to your company’s success. Let Fortuity minimize your risk in this process.

Bringing vast experience, unique insight, and a thorough understanding of your industry, Fortuity helps you find the talent you need to succeed in the highly competitive global marketplace.

Our approach is innovative. Using leading-edge, proprietary technology that leverages the power of predictive analytics allows us to gain invaluable insight into a candidate’s degree of alignment with your corporate culture, and assess their suitability for a prospective leadership role.

We can then provide you with solid recommendations based on robust data. This effective use of predictive analytics is complemented by our almost 20 years of executive search experience in diverse sectors, our candidate database—one of the most extensive in the industry—and an enviable list of professional network connections.

An executive search, whether from the perspective of the client or the company, is highly individualistic.

Fortuity understands that.

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industry-leading analytics platform.

Fortuity’s strength lies in its use of cutting-edge technology to get the job done. Working with an industry-leading talent management analytics platform, we quickly and reliably determine personality traits and behavioural and psychometric competencies across three main categories: thinking, working style, and relating to others.

Our technology allows us the flexibility to develop a customized success model for your company—according to unique criteria that you identify. Measuring against this very specific model, we are able to predict prospective candidates’ on-the-job performance with incredible accuracy. You determine your key success criteria; we use the technology to find the right candidate for you.

executive search.

Fortuity aligns your business needs with highly skilled executive talent. It is our passion to fulfill your specific search criteria, while providing career-advancing opportunities for exceptional leadership clients. Placing them within an organization in which they will thrive ensures satisfaction on both sides of the equation.

Tap into our experience in senior-level search assignments and our extensive knowledge of a broad range of industries. Partner with Fortuity when you need to make that next critical hire.

risk mitigation.

Hiring the wrong person at the executive level can be disastrous to any organization. Fortuity’s innovative approach, using proven predictive analytics, ensures that the short list of candidates we provide for you includes only those who have demonstrated the specific qualities you prioritize, and who have a strong track record of handling the kind of critical decisions you will need them to make, reliably and consistently. By evaluating each candidate against your specific criteria, we can reduce your risk dramatically, and predict the success of someone we place with impressive accuracy.

cultural transformation.

Identifying a candidate who fits well in your corporate culture is great. But finding that unique candidate who not only fits, but can use their unique knowledge and experience to transform your leadership team, improve its function, and make a tangible, positive impact is even better.

Before starting a search, Fortuity gains a comprehensive knowledge of your business, its leadership, its cultural dynamics, and its needs—all essential aspects in identifying the optimal candidate for you.

coaching & succession planning.

Coaching and succession planning are important parts of any company’s risk mitigation strategy. We provide the analytical insights you need to understand your talent pool at all levels, and we help you use this information to develop strategies for cultivating leaders from within.

If you do hire externally, our onboarding program will assist in successfully integrating your new executive member, providing them with the confidence and knowledge they need to make key decisions in their new role.